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Packers draft blog with Tom Silverstein

Join the conversation with Tom during the NFL draft Thursday through Saturday.

    Here is a list of undrafted free agents we believe the Packers are going to sign. If the agreement is not confirmed through an agent or player or is confirmed through another media source, it will be indicated in parentheses).

    • C.J. Collins, QB, Southwestern Assemblies of God University (tryout)
    • Nate Brooks, CB, North Texas
    • Manny Wilkins, QB, Arizona State University 
    • Randy Ramsey, DL, Arkansas
    • Greg Roberts, DE, Baylor
    • Javien Hamilton, DB, Mississippi
    • Yousauh, Nijman, OT, Virginia Tech
    • Kabion Ento, WR, Colorado
    • Curtis Bolton, LB, Oklahoma
    • Matt Eaton, WR, Iowa State
    • Larry Williams, OL, Oklahoma State
    • Jamarius Way, WR, South Alabama (tryout)
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