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Packers chat with Tom Silverstein

Submit your questions about the Packers, NFL draft and free agency in advance of Tom's chat at noon Friday.

    Hi everyone, welcome to our Friday, noon chat. We'll be talking all things Packers today, so go ahead and hit me up with questions.
    Seems like a fair trade for both sides is Seattle's Sherman for Green Bay's # 2 pick plus Richard Rodgers. Your thoughts?
    I don't know, Kent. It's a really good year for corners and pass rushers and you might risk losing out on a really good player for a guy who might only be able to help you for a year or two. When the draft is full of really good players at positions that are at a premium, I think you have to favor picks. You might miss out on a core player who will be around for the next eight years. I don't think I'd give up any of my high picks. In fact, I'd be trying to accumulate more.
    Looks like the Packers could have 12 picks in the 2018 draft (own 7, 3 comp, pick for Hundley and a 7th for McCoy). Do you see Ted Thompson using any of their 7 2018 picks to move up in this draft?
    I wouldn't rule it out, but it's not in his history to trade future picks or receive future considerations. The Packers are going to have to do a little rebuilding as Nelson, Bulaga, Matthews, Burnett, Cobb, etc... get older. They're still a young team, but with the 2015 corners not panning out yet and a need for more impact players, you might want to keep those picks.
    Hi Tom:
    I see so many holes, so few picks. It seems TT thinks Randall and Rollins are the answers but that seems hard to support. Both are too small and too slow. Hyde is gone, House is three years older than when he could not start here. OL has holes. Running back. And the overall bane of TT's tenure--linebacker. What do you think the priorities will be from the first round on down? Best available? Or need?
    I think you're forgetting that they went to the NFC Championship game and the only big losses I see are Lang and Peppers. They'll be fine without Hyde, Jones, Lacy. They're loaded again on offense and will be adding to their core with draft picks this year. They do still have issues on defense. I disagree that Randall and Rollins are too small. Both are 5-11. That's good size for a corner. Randall ran a 4.46. He's plenty athletic enough. Rollins isn't slower than Hyde. They just need to get those guys to mature and play. Running back is the easiest position to fill. Guard will be a tough one, same with inside linebacker. I think they need athletes, impact players on defense. Doesn't matter where.
    Are there any punters worth drafting in the later (or earlier...) rounds? Any chance the Packers use one of there later picks on a punter??? I'm still not sold on Schum...
    It's not really Thompson's style to draft a punter. There are maybe two punters with draftable grades: Rehkow from Idaho and Allen from Michigan. Both are late-rounders. He'll probably bring in an undrafted free agent.
    Do you see anyway this defense will be improved enough to win a championship? They are arguably worse at DB with the loss of Hyde, worse at pass rusher with the loss of Peppers, and the weak ILB position appears will be status quo . Can't expect rookies to fill all those holes. .what say you?
    Rookies aren't going to make the difference on defense. Draft selections over the last three years will. Randall, Rollins and Gunter have to improve. I think you're giving Hyde too much credit. House will take his spot. Kenny Clark, Kyler Fackrell and Dean Lowry have to make big jumps. I also think Matthews has to move inside. There just aren't that many inside linebackers who can both run and hit like he does. They need to add to their pass rush with a rookie or two, play Matthews inside on early downs and then move him outside on passing downs.
    Spriggs and 3rd pick for Seahawks McKenzie, just waiting On Seattle's pick at number one, if their choice OT is available. If not,it's a done deal. You picked that up right :-)
    With that and 25 cents, you can get a half handful of Mike and Ike.
    Tom, what do you think of the criticism being levied against your colleague Bob Mginn re Wonderlic scores?
    I'm not a big proponent of evaluation through Wonderlic scores. People come down on both sides of the issue. Scouts use it, so it's something that is as significant to them as X-rays. I just know too many players with crappy test scores who have really sharp football minds. So I don't put too much stock into it. A really bad score is a red flag, but I've seen guys with really high scores who can't figure out an offense or defense. The test was designed mostly for office professionals, not football players. That's just my opinion.
    Tom, I think there won't be much trading going on this year. Why? I think more GMs will want to trade back but you need takers. It's such a deep draft in key positions (edge rusher, DB, RB) that are in vogue that there won't be enough teams willing to trade up. Thus, I see more teams just picking when it's their turn. Agree?
    Maybe. I also think there's a possibility that there's such a variety of talent that you can take a shot at somebody who you think fits your system without risking losing out on a better player. And since compensatory picks can be traded for the first time, I wouldn't be surprised if you see a lot of jockeying around in the middle rounds. I don't know what we'll see in the first two rounds. It's always unpredictable. But I think you'll see a lot of shuffling later on.
    Tom, i t seems a fundamental flaw in Ted's defensive draft picks is a lack of speed. not just the 40 yard dash variety but the quick twitch kind. Guys like Datone Jones and Micah Hyde didn't have it. Rollins doesn't have it. The list is long. On D speed isn't everything it's the only thing!
    Speed is crucial. They lack it. When they won the Super Bowl, they had Nick Collins, Sam Shields and Tramon Williams in their secondary, all of whom were fast, Collins and Shields, especially so. A lot of mistakes can be mitigated with speed. So, I agree with you there. But sometimes to have speed you have to sacrifice size and in order to play in Dom Capers' system, you've got to be able to blitz, play the run and take on tight ends if you're in the secondary. And you have to have good football instinct. So, there can be a tradeoff.
    Tom, I think that if you draft/sign an inside backer-thumper as well as a solid CB, maybe a vet, this team looks like a Superbowl quality team. Are they that close? This defense needs to make some stops.
    Again, I think Matthews should be moved inside and they should focus on obtaining outside pass rushers. You can't have too many of those guys. Any corner they draft is unlikely to help them this year. It's rare a rookie corner has an impact. The best way to improve a defense is with pass rush. So they should load up on those guys and draft a corner who can help them in the dime and be a starter later on. It's the quickest way to improve their defense.
    Lil joke for you:


    "Who's there?"


    "Orange who?"

    "Orange-a glad the Packers manufactured issues for themselves at running back and right guard - two positions where they were SET - so they could focus on those positions in the early and middle rounds of the draft, neglecting their pitiful pass defense, and face Julio Jones in week 2 and Dez Bryant in week 5 with a still weak and slow pass rush and secondary?

    Funny, huh?

    Let's all concede that DD - 'Draft and Develop' has degenerated for the Packers into DDD - 'Draft, Develop and Dump'.
    I don't have a problem with draft and develop. It's gotten the Packers to four NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. My only problem with TT is that I think he can build better depth with some mid-tier free agents, guys who can be place sitters while younger players develop. I don't think you can build Super Bowl rosters using just one form of player acquisition. Thompson branched out a little more this year, which I think was smart. But the draft will always be the best way to build your team.
    Tom - is there any downside to keeping Guion around? What if he gets hurt in OTAs or preseason? Would GB be on the hook for his salary?
    Yes, they would, unless there's something in his contract I don't know about. I just think it sets a terrible precedent. OK, you've been put on notice after a drug arrest and you commit another dumb act. OK, we're going to give you a fourth chance. What kind of message does that send to the others? Well, I play a position of need so no way they will cut me. I can do whatever I want. It doesn't make sense to me.
    Tom, Any of Ted's roster moves since the end of the season surprise you?
    Adding Kendricks surprised me. I had a feeling he would go after Bennett if he couldn't get Cook because there was previous interest in him. But I didn't think he would sign two tight ends. Everything else that happened was not surprising. Thompson makes tough decisions. That's what he's paid for. Sometimes he's wrong. But he's usually predictable.
    Tom, do you think GBs defense can be improved enough for them to be a serious championship contender this year? Thanks.
    Sure. But I'll say it again and again and again. It's going to be because their most recent draft picks come through for them. There are no magic bullets with how they do business. They count on their draft picks becoming Mike Daniels and Nick Perry and Morgan Burnett and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, etc... A couple of guys out of Randall, Rollins, Clark, Lowry, Martinez, Ryan, Fackrell, need to make a big jump this year.
    Hi tom what do you think are the chances that TJ WATTS gets drafted by the Packers perhaps 2 round thanks for your input
    I don't think he'll make it to the Packers' pick in the second round. If they stay where they are in the draft, they'll have to take him in the first round.
    In the NFL it seems to me that if you have a great pass rush, the quality of your corner backs is less of an issue. When it is average or worse than average, corner backs have to cover for a longer period of time, or if the quarterback escapes containment as Rodgers often does, the defensive backs' jobs get more difficult in respect to coverage. Do scouts evaluate college defensive backs and how they defend after containment breaks down or say three seconds after the snap? Green Bay's defensive backs seem to have been awful the last year when it comes to that element. Is there a statistic or way to evaluate defensive backs in that way coming out of college and for those who are playing in the NFL?
    I don't know that there's a metric for plastering, which is what you're describing. I think guys who can stick with their man are evaluated higher all the time. Usually, you're talking about guys who play man coverage a lot. That is definitely something scouts look at extensively. How long can a guy stick with his man. But as Aaron Rodgers has shown, the best corners can't stay with their guys forever. There's a reason pass rushers are paid so much. They make everyone else on the field look better.
    Good afternoon Tom, happy to see you back in the action - miss your sense of humor. In keeping with the TT system of mystery drafting does he take a running back early or move to a full defense first 4 rounds.
    Thanks for the kind words. It's good to be back on the chat/blog rotation. BTW, I will be live blogging all through the draft so be sure to check in. I don't see Thompson drafting a back early. I think they have a lot of confidence in Ty Montgomery and their needs at cornerback, edge rusher, inside linebacker and guard are much greater.
    Tom - to me the notion that Rollins and Randle are going to turn it around is a fantasy. Rollins regressed badly to the point that he looked like he had never played football before. Randle appears disinterested and is constantly out of position. His post game comments often make me wonder if he is on another planet. If Ron Wolf was the GM I suspect that both would be cut. What am I missing with these two that would give cause for improvement?
    I disagree with your assessment of Rollins. He actually had a nice stretch of games after he came back from his groin injury. Then he struggled against Detroit, hurt his neck and wasn't a factor. I'm not saying he's going to be a star, but he can be at least as good as Micah Hyde. He deserves more patience because he only played one year of football in college. He'll need time and I think he will make improvement. His lack of speed is a minus. Randall has tons of talent. How many guys have you seen make that interception he did against Seattle where he came over in thirds coverage and picked of the ball in the middle of the field? But like you say, he's on another planet sometimes and I can't believe the coaches aren't all over him about his style of play. It might just be a maturity issue. He's got the potential to be good. That's all I'm saying. But they have to humble him somehow and get him on track.
    One thing about this schedule--the Packers will certainly be battle tested by the time playoffs get started. Your thoughts?
    I don't know. Every time I think a schedule is really tough, there's a shake up and teams you don't think are going to be any good are good. We do know that Seattle, Atlanta and Dallas will be tough, and I expect Detroit to be the same or better. The early part of the season will be a test, but I don't really see this schedule as being all that tough. It's definitely not tougher than the one last year when they had to win out.
    The team needs a pass rusher #1. I don't think any thing else will do. Will he be an OLB or someone who plays close to the line of scrimage? I have the feeling that someone will want to trade up to get a big safety or QB at the bottom of the round. I'm torn twix the two. Love to have the xtra pick but need a starter or major contributer early, how do you see that?
    Agreed. They need multiple pass rushers. Not just one guy in the first four rounds. They need at least two edge rusher and a defensive end would be helpful also. It's the surest way to improve your secondary. If they don't get pass rushers out of this draft, then I think it will be a fail.
    Greetings from Houston, Tom! Missed your superbowl blog this year, but looking forward to your draft day coverage. What is the best packer gossip you've in the last month?
    Gossip, huh? Maybe that they were going to change coffee vendors. That could be earth-shattering as you know.
    Tom, with the Packers starting the season against Seattle and Atlanta, wouldn't you rather have T.J. Lang as your right guard and some player to be determined? Why would a GM leave his team leave his team in this position, other than that he doesn't want to pay the market rate for one of his best players?
    I think you answered the question. He didn't want to overpay Lang. In his mind, what Lang received was too much. I never thought Lane Taylor was even close to being ready to replace Josh Sitton. I was definitely wrong. Maybe they see something in Kyle Murphy or Jason Spriggs that we don't know about. Maybe they feel there are some tackles and centers in this draft who can make the transition to guard. I think losing Lang hurts them from a leadership standpoint. They won't replace that. They might be able to replace his play. We'll see.
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