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Packers chat with Ryan Wood

Noon Monday, Oct. 10

    It's certainly true that this offense appears to lack a dynamic quality. That was supposed to change with Jordy Nelson returning and Jared Cook signing, but Nelson hasn't had many home-run plays, and Cook can't stay healthy. It's also true perhaps the biggest part of Aaron Rodgers' game over the years is his ability to extend plays, something that seems to have become overly reliant on. Rodgers isn't getting the same big-chunk yardage on extended plays, and that puts a significant dent in the Packers' overall offensive production. As for Edgar Bennett, I'm not sure him being OC has any real affect on the Packers' offensive production. At the end of the day, it's still Mike McCarthy calling plays.
    I'm not sure it's so much checkdowns as just quick, simple hitters. I think you're spot on that when the offense was moving early in the game, Rodgers was getting rid of the football quicker, and the pass game was in better timing. I'm not sure why that changed as the game progressed, though the Giants tended to drop more in coverage. Naturally, that affects how long a QB holds onto the ball, because he has to go through progressions. Regardless, it's clear this offense is at its best when the QB releases the ball on time.
    Well, they're defensive backs for a reason. You raise a good point though. The Packers aren't just giving up copious yards and first downs through the air (until last night). They also only have two interceptions this season. Only the Colts, Dolphins, Saints and Bucs have fewer. That's not a group of defenses you want to be comparable to.
    Really no way of knowing that right now, but it's unlikely he'd be activated immediately off PUP. We have to see if he practices first, and he'll probably need at least a week to get into game shape. Maybe more. I'd say Week 6 will be the earliest we'll have an idea of whether that's a possibility.
    Good question. It's odd, only because he seemed to have perhaps the best training camp of all the receivers. The easiest answer is to say the Packers almost always have three receivers on the field, and they have seven on their roster. That doesn't leave much of anything in regards to snaps for the seventh WR, which Jared Abbrederis clearly is right now. In theory, he could be cut this week for a roster spot if the Packers want to keep an extra cornerback or defensive lineman, because he isn't giving them anything currently. Definitely surprising.
    While the Packers defense certainly deserves credit, I thought the Giants (and Eli Manning especially) played rather poorly. With that said, give credit to the Packers coaches for keeping things simple with their young guys in the secondary. They didn't switch sides, with Quinten Rollins mostly lining up left and LaDarius Gunter lining up right. I think it's also possible that despite their struggles early this season, this young secondary has more talent than it's shown. Overall, very impressive performance, but probably aided by a quarterback who is not playing well at the moment.
    Is it time to fire Dom Capers?

    Our punt coverage finished #1 overall last year according to Dallas Morning News. Didn't appear to carry over this season, even with (presumably) more special teams pieces (Brice, Evans, etc.). Realize opponents are double teaming Janis now, but there appears to be shades of 2014, when our coverage was a liability. Thoughts?

    This is far from the colossal train wreck of 2014, but also a significant ways away from 2015. I think the coverage unit is somewhere in between right now.
    Well, Felipe, that's certainly a fair question. Aaron Rodgers turns 33 years old in two months. Peyton Manning won two MVPs at 33 years old or older, so it's certainly not impossible. Still, that's probably not the likelihood. There's a real chance Rodgers has had his best seasons, because his best seasons have been some of the best the position has ever seen. But is he done playing good or even very good football? No, I think he has plenty good years left.
    Ryan, do you think the Packers need help at tight end? I think that is a key missing piece and hurting offensive consistency.
    They certainly do. Currently, the Packers only have two healthy tight ends on their roster, and they usually keep four. Jared Cook was supposed to be a big help, but he can't stay healthy. They'll be lean there until Cook returns. What will be important to see is whether Cook's inability to stay healthy early in his time in Green Bay damages his long-term transition to a new QB and offense.
    How disappointing would it be for the Packers to have 25 years of Rodgers and Favre with only 2 super bowl titles to show for it? Unless they get rid of McCarthy, that is what it will be. The offense has become stagnant and predictable and a more creative offensive mind is needed to pair with Rodgers before it is too late.
    Who isn't questioning the Packers' offense? That's been 70 percent of this chat. In case you missed any of it, make sure to scroll back through and read the transcript. This is a good place to stop today. Thanks for everyone who participated. Until next time, take care everyone.
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