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Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

With the Packers' search for a new head coach in full swing, submit your questions for Pete's first chat of the offseason at noon Wednesday.

    Tim Boyle was inactive Sunday. Should he have been active over Kizer? Should the coaches have known what a trainwreck Kizer would be? Did Kizer play this badly in Cleveland?
    Hi everybody, lots to talk about it, let's dive in. You could make that argument, but Kizer had been the No. 2 all season. The fact that Boyle wasn't active tells me they were planning on playing Rodgers the whole game. FWIW, at the end of camp I thought Boyle might be the better player, or at least had the better training camp. Kizer had played a full NFL season, so that might be why the Packers went with him as the No. 2. Put it this way, I'm betting Boyle, not Kizer, is the No. 2 next season unless they sign a veteran.
    Pete, the top 6 highest paid QBs by average annual salary did not make the playoffs this year. ARod included in this group. Perhaps a telling sign that spending huge dollars on the QB position may not be worth it. Forces the team closer towards mediocrity by not being able to keep other valuable players. Aberration or trend? Thoughts?
    No question there's a big advantage to having a good QB on his rookie contract. But I still think this will prove to be more of an aberration. Garoppolo got  hurt, so you can't count him, and Cousins benefited from being not good enough to get a long-term deal from his team but good enough to get overpaid in the FA market. Other QBs are going to move up the list in the next couple years as their contracts come due. You can't win with any consistency in this league without a good QB, and once they're off their rookie contracts they cost a lot of money. I just don't see any way around paying them, because they're so hard to find. Look how long the Packers went between Starr and Favre. It does cut into a team's quality all around and its depth, there's no getting around that. But if you want to be good year in and year out, you have to have a QB, which means you have to pay them.
    I have many friends that think the Packers should resign Clay Mathews and have him play inside linebacker. I seem to remember those years when he did play ILB that in some games he did not make any impact/tackles. What are your thoughts?
    I thought he was very good at ILB. He takes some chances but also makes tackles in the backfield or at the line of scrimmage when he plays there. When they moved him to ILB in the second half of 2014, they gave up an average of a touchdown less per game than they did in the first half of the season. I'd say that's a pretty big impact. I'm thinking it's his better position at this point.
    When hiring a new coach, teams often seem to target the hot coordinator at the time. It seems to me that being a great coordinator and being a great head coach require vastly different skill sets that don't necessarily overlap. For example an OC basically is responsible only for the team's offense. A head coach needs to be responsible for offense, defense, special teams, personnel decisions, media relations, team motivation and I'm sure a bunch of stuff that you and I have as much input on as the OC does. So do you think a coaching candidate with HC experience who can hire a bunch of great coaches is less risky than hiring a coordinator who may or may not have the skill set to succeed as a HC. I wonder if this is why teams tend to recycle the same HCs over and over. For every Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy who made the transformation from coordinator to HC there are 10 who fail. Your thoughts?
    You're right that the skills of a good coordinator don't necessarily translate to a head coach. Same for a position coach. So that probably is why some teams go for the retreads. But where else are you going to look for a head coach? Not saying that hiring a guy who's been fired as a head coach somewhere else is inherently a bad idea -- good coaches get fired a lot in this league. Belichick was fired from Cleveland, Marv Levy by Kansas City. But a lot of those fired head coaches failed for the reason you say -- their skills didn't translate to head coach well enough to make them any better than anyone else. If you're aiming for better than that, you have to take the risk of hiring the unproven. The advantage of hiring a good coordinator -- and just because a guy is a hot name at any given time doesn't mean he's actually better than other coordinators -- is at least you have a good coach on that side of the ball. I saw a report that said Elway is looking for a coach with great expertise on one side of the ball. Other teams might prefer more of the CEO-type head coach who has coordinators calling plays on both sides of the ball. There are a lot of ways to do it. I guess what it comes down to is most coaches in the league end up failing, that is, they last only three or four years tops. So they all fail -- the coordinators becoming head coaches, the retreads, the offensive guys, the defensive guys -- a lot more than they succeed.
    Pete, if the Packers hire internet front runner Josh McDaniels and he reports directly to Murphy, what is the over/under on number of months before Josh makes a power grab trying to get final say on the roster?
    That's the big problem with the Packers' current setup. Things can start out great, everybody gets along, but they rarely stay that way. And with this structure, you open the door for a lot more back-stabbing and in-fighting and under cutting.
    My question is about Murphy.
    Since he became president, he completely stayed out of the football operation. As late as early 2017 he said, Thompson could stay as long as he wanted. He decides to fire Thompson at the end of the 2017 season, and take over the football operation. My questions are:
    Did Murphy have full authority to take control?
    Did the board of directors approve?
    Did he need to ask for their approval to take control?
    Did he convey to all the GM candidates of the new power structure in the interview process?
    If so,I do not believe this power structure could possibly be acceptable to all the candidates who interviewed except for the current GM.
    He did not need the approval of the board of directors. The board really doesn't have much power or influence. The power is with the president and executive committee (the president is one of seven members of the executive committee). And the president essentially runs the committee and steers them, not vice versa. I think Murphy essentially appointed either all six or five of the six other members on the committee. If a couple members were adamantly opposed to the idea they might have been able to stop him or talk him out of it, but that obviously didn't happen, and they do have the power to replace the president. Murphy decided to change the power structure after interviewing the candidates but Gutekunst has said he was informed of the change when offered the job, and he accepted it.
    Why is it so hard to find a playmaker at safety? Robinson, Butler, Sharper, Collins,. Nick was last one! Granted Ha Ha made a few plays, but missed many more than he made. 38 looks smart and can put himself in position but lacks physicality needed to disrupt and explosiveness to make plays. Packers need a safety. I would roll the dice with Bulaga one more year and draft the Badgers rt in 2nd round, your thoughts?
    I wouldn't put Robinson in those others' class, not even close. There aren't many impact safeties in the league. Earl Thomas when he was younger and healthier, same for Eric Berry. Landon Collins is pretty good. Harrison Smith. I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody. Maybe the better athletes are playing corner and WR. But safeties are becoming a more valued position because defending the pass is getting tougher and tougher.
    To my surprise, my research leads me to the choice of Dan Campbell as our new head coach. A Bill Parcells guy, with good coaching and playing experience. The Colts GM said it was a tough choice when he chose Reich over Campbell. I have Muchak as a distant second.
    I haven't talked to anybody in the league about him yet but will be doing so this week. So much depends on how they come across in the interviews with Murphy and Gutekunst.
    Shouldn't Adam Gase be a no-brain hire as head coach? He went 23-25 in three seasons with Dolphins teams that had Tannehill, Cutler and Osweiller as QB's. If the guy can coach garbage QB's to .500 records, just think what he could do with Aaron Rodgers. He got 50 TD's out of a nearly washed up Peyton Manning in 2013. Hire this guy ASAP
    All these guys have their pros and cons, including, what kind of coaching staffs they'd put together. Gase seemed to get more out of Cutler in Chicago than anybody else did there, so that's a track record of some success. I would think he's worth a look. Not sure I'd say anything stronger than that without knowing more about him. I think he had final say over personnel in Miami, so maybe if he just concentrates on coaching he'd do better. Or maybe he'd chafe at not being able to make the personnel decisions.
    If the Pack was in the serious hunt for K Mack trading picks, etc. why not trade up for Bosa if he is that good. Your thought?
    If he's that good, sure. Maybe it's something they're thinking about. I don't know if he's that good or not.
    Pete, is it unusual to have so many more HC openings than GM openings ? 8 HC in one offseason seems high. Do you think any GM firings may still be made either this week , or after the draft ?
    Eight is a little on the high side I think, but it seems like there are usually four or five at minimum. I'm thinking if any other GMs were going to get fired, it would have happened by now, but you never know. KC fired Dorsey in the summer.
    That game was brutal. Can there really be enough talent left on this team plus upcoming draftees and free agents to make a significant turnaround next year. Seems like we are at least 2-3 years out from making a serious run.
    It's possible, sure. Now, it would take first of all getting Rodgers playing at MVP level again. And it would take hitting on a couple draft picks and signing some free agents who upgrade the roster a little at multiple positions. That's a lot but wouldn't be unprecedented (the Saints of 2017 are the prime example of that, one good draft and they were back in business). But a lot of it is just getting Rodgers back to a  high level. The thing that will make it harder is getting a new coach, learning the system, etc., especially if the coach has a defensive background, because then they'll for sure be learning new systems on both sides of the ball.
    what do you expect the Packers to do with Cobb & Matthews?
    My best guess is they'll let Cobb walk and offer Matthews in the $5M or $6M range to return and play more as an ILB than OLB.
    Hi Pete,
    It's been a really nice ride but I have no confidence that the right moves will be made in 2019. McCarthy never should have seen the light of day in 2018. Dorsey should have been hired when available. The Rodgers contract extension was the move of a desperate front office. When the Bears got Mack, Gute had to make a move, all I heard was crickets! Get ready for the later years of Bart Starr and the early years of Forrest Gregg. 8-8 will be as good as it gets!
    I don't know how it's going to go. The last time they were in this position was '06, when they were coming off a 4-12 season. They hired McCarthy, went 8-8, then played in the NFC championship game the next year. No idea if history will repeat itself.
    Any news as to the severity of Rodgers concussion. Will the team announce his recovery now that the season use over.
    No news, they don't have to provide any injury info after the season, and I'm not sure I'd trust what they said on it anyway.
    Much has been written about McCarthy and Rodgers disconnect but little on Hostler the passing game coach, QBs coach Cignatti & receivers coach Raih, all first year coaches, and their failure to improve the passing game this year. I guess we can label those changes now as non-productive. And even though he was in his third season, TE coach Angelichio didn't seem to hone a good unit either. Will grant that OL and RB coaches seemed fine. What do you say, Pete?
    Yeah, we can say that the change at QB coach and adding a passing game coordinator did nothing to help the offense. I still find one of the toughest things is to do in observing the NFL is evaluating assistant coaches from the outside looking in -- not saying it's impossible, but so much depends on the talent they get, and how that side of the ball is run by the coordinator/head coach.
    So, Josh McDaniels of New England is one of the hot picks to be next Packers coach. Let's look at his record - fired after two years as Denver coach. Basically blew up the team, lost the locker room and actually moved up three spots to draft TIM TEBOW. Then he gets hired as Indy coach and walks away from the deal. Detroit Lions decide another Bellicek disciple, Matt Praticia, is their guy. 6-10 record following a 9-7 season. Likes to practice in the snow. Hmm...what's wrong with this picture? I wouldn't touch Josh McDaniels for all the deflated footballs in Foxboro.
    Those are the arguments against him, and they're legit. The arguments for him are he was too young (I think 32) when he became coach in Denver and shouldn't have been given control over personnel, and that he'll have learned from that experience, but that he's an excellent offensive mind based on the Patriots' success (they've been a top-five offense since he rejoined them, I think).
    How high on the list is Pat fitzgerald? I think it would be a disasterous hire. He’s had middling teams in the Big Ten and hasn’t won much of consequence. yes I understand the disadvantages at NW but they are excited because they went 8-4 so expectations aren’t high either. I think his name even being in consideration shows that Murphy shouldn’t be involved in the process. What do you think?
    I don't know how high on the list he is, but I do know they want to talk to him. From what I've heard it's not just Murphy who likes him, but that Gutekunst does too, that Fitzgerald has an outstanding intangible quality as a leader, which is the most important part of being a head coach. That said, I'd be wary because he's never worked in the NFL, so there's much about the league he'd have to learn, and he probably doesn't have the connections for hiring a staff that coaches who've worked in the league would have. But it does sound like he impresses scouts from the NFL who go through there when scouting players.
    What do you think of Dean Lowry, thought he did good and not sure we need Daniels
    I thought he was better than Wilkerson. But he doesn't rush as well as Daniels. Not saying Daniels is Aaron Donald or Fletcher Cox, but he's been a pretty decent inside rusher. But agreed that Lowry has become a solid NFL interior lineman.
    hey pete your thoughts that brown and bell join the pack
    Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell are really talented players, highly doubt they could afford both, and that would be taking on some baggage. Sounds like Brown is a handful and will be 31 next July, so he might not be worth the cost and trouble at this point. I'm intrigued by Bell, think he could help the Packers a lot because of  his skill in the passing game. Would depend on his cost. If they could get him in the $13M-14M range a year for two years -- I don't know what he'll cost, could be cheaper, could be more -- I'd take a good hard look if I were the Packers.
    Pete thanks for taking my question would you bring back Muhammad Wilkerson as he only played 3 games?
    I probably wouldn't unless he's really cheap. I thought Lowry was the better player this year.
    Any thoughts on the future of JK Scott? He seemed awfully hot and cold his rookie year. I assume he will be back but are the Packers likely to bring in competition or are they satisfied with his performance?
    He was very inconsistent, no question. Watching him punt pretty much every practice in camp, and take this for what it's worth, but he looked to me like the most talented punter to come through here in my time (since '93) aside from Craig Hentrich. Wouldn't be surprised if they brought in some competition for him, but he has ability and I'd bet pretty strongly on him being their punter next year.
    Hi Pete, Im wondering if the Bears' long term future is really that bright. They gave up so much for Mack and lost the draft capital required to keep adding talent, and they have little cap space to play with. Do they seem stacked to regress? I dont know what FAs they have and who they will have to replace, but it seems we wont really know the consequence of the Mack signing for a few years. What do you see in Chicago down the road?
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