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Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

Oct. 23 transcript

    Hey Pete - What are chances that Packers try to make a move before trade deadline next week. With a talent like Cooper going to Cowboys for 1st round pick. Is it possible that GM will make a similar move for some help at Safety or for a pass rusher? IF so, who might be legitimate targets?
    Let's dive right in. I don't know what the odds are, but they're a lot better than they were when Ted Thompson was GM. I haven't heard/read any rumors about the Packers in trade talks but that doesn't mean they haven't happened or aren't happening. I'd think their primary target would be a pass rusher. I have no idea if Arizona is willing to move Chandler Jones, or at what price, but I'd think he'd be an attractive target for the Packers if available. As you suggest, safety probably would be No. 2 on the list .
    Pete – check your memory… I was watching some old packer videos from five years ago or so and was amazed at how affective Matthews and Perry looked rushing the passer . The big difference was going to the three point stance on third and long. Doesn’t it seem that both of them now never use a three point stance and are always way too high when rushing in. Also from the comment of last week that’s why Perry is not Pushing the pile back but he’s there to bat away a pass because he just plays too high. Do you recall some of those three point days?
    I have to say I don't remember either of those two lining up in three points stances very often, Capers usually had those guys standing up. I think I remember Perry doing it some but Matthews not often at all, but maybe my memory if off. Some guys like being down in the three-point stance for the takeoff, others like standing up so they can see better. A lot of it probably has to do with how you did it in your formative years as a rusher. I know Peppers put his hand down a  lot as an outside rusher but I can't say I remember Matthews putting his hand down that much.
    What are the chances for a Patrick Peterson and/or Chandler Jones trade?
    I've been thinking about how much sense it would make for the Packers to go after Peterson. A year ago it would have made a lot of sense, a little less so now. He's 28 and still due about half his $11 million this year and an $11 million next year and $12M the year after. Those aren't bad salaries for a player his caliber, though you do have to take into consideration when his decline could begin and then how steep it will be. I have trouble seeing giving up a first-rounder for him, put it that way. With King, Alexander and Jackson, the Packers have invested a lot of high picks at the CB position in the last two drafts, so I'm just not sure it would make sense to go after Peterson for what he's likely to cost in draft compensation. Jones makes a lot more sense, rent him for the rest of this year and next. Wouldn't give up a first-rounder for him, not sure if I'd give up a second, definitely would a third. But no idea if the Cardinals are willing to move him.
    If John Gruden offered you all his first round picks next year and the year following for Aaron Rodgers, would you do it?
    That's a really interesting question. It's what, five first-rounders? Rodgers is 34, and with the way you can't hit the QB now, playing into his early 40s at minimum is realistic. I might want to know more about this year's draft, how the QBs are etc. But pretty sure I'd have to say no on that. I don't know what you'd do, but I'd say no,. QBs are just too hard to find.
    1. Are the Packers a good team? Only when Aaron Rodgers has a good game?
    2. Packers offensive line with Rodgers having to scramble is it time to retool that line wit bulaga's bad knees and problems at guard.
    3. No playmakers on front 7 of defense, some young promise in secondary, where do the packers go on the defensive side? Looks like they don't have the talent to compete most of the time.
    Basically, yes, they're a good team when he's playing well, and when not, they're not. Agreed they badly need a tackle, Bulaga is just so beaten up. You can cover up more for weaknesses at guard, but tackles are so often on an island. On defense, if I'm them, I'm drafting at least two OLBs next year.
    Hi Pete Seems to me that the defense, aside from the Buffalo game, gets manhandled in the first half, makes adjustments, and then plays very well in the second half. With AR gaining an extra week of rest the offense should be ready to go full steam ahead. So the next 5 games should prove whether the Pack is a real contender or pretender. Your take please.
    A lot of truth in that. They're much healthier now, most importantly Rodgers might be able to practice all week, which means he's healthier and and just as importantly that he should be sharper with a full week of practice. I'd assume Cobb and Allison will be back from their hamstring injuries also. The schedule for the next five weeks is really challenging, but the prelims of the season are over, this is the heart of the schedule, and yes this is their chance. Rams and New England back to back on the road, winning one of those two would mean a lot.
    Has the new coordinators Joe Philbin or Mike Pettine made any differences from last years?
    I thought Philbin might make a big difference as an experienced voice on the staff and someone McCarthy would listen to. Whatever influence he has, it hasn't shown up in improved performance, at least not yet. We probably should use the second half of the season to better judge Pettine, give him some time to get to know his personnel and for the players to really grasp his scheme.
    I am not one to call out players as I know there are responsibilities in a called play. The D has not found its Nick Collins and I am not sure there is even a Mike Prior on the roster. What do you see at the Safety position and is it a re-do this off season? Trade for Peterson and play him at CB for 2-3 years then move him to Safety like we did with Woodson.
    I don't know if Peterson could be a safety or not, just don't know enough about the way he plays. An interesting thought. I wonder if they should move Breeland to safety.
    Hey Pete- Thompson seems to have left a mess behind...fair or not? Thanks
    More fair than not. His early drafts were outstanding, they really were. Rodgers, Collins, Jennings, Matthews, Raji, Nelson, Sitton, Lang, a lot of talent there. But his last few drafts weren't good, and he didn't do enough of the other little things, such as targeted free agency, to upgrade the roster. But it doesn't take much to turn a team around if it has a QB. One really good draft can do it.
    No pass rush equals no playoffs. How did the GM mess up so badly?
    They just haven't drafted enough pass rushers the last five years or so. Have to keep picking them until you find one. Relied too much on Matthews and Perry despite their injury histories and Matthews' age.
    Tough next games... what are Your thoughts ? 2 - 3, 1 - 4, or the unthinkable 0 - 5 ?
    Though as a staff we pick the Packers outcome each week, I'm really not big on picking games. It's just kind of impossible. If I had to pick, I'd guess they come out of it 2-3.
    Hue Jackson is not long for CLE- what do think about Dorsey and GB management alums trading for McCarthy? Packers could do it since he's signed through 2019. He and the Packers both need a fresh start. Think Andy Reid 2.0. What would be fair compensation?
    That does happen every once in a while. Trying to remember when the last coach trade was. I'm thinking Gruden from Oakland to Tampa. I don't know how they'd determine compensation. When the Packers hired Holmgren from SF they gave up a second -- it wasn't a trade, but he was still under contract with SF as coordinator, and at that time league rules allowed SF to get compensation because he was under contract. I just looked it up, Gruden cost Tampa Bay two first-rounders and $8M. Your guess is as good as mine for what a team might trade a coach for now. A first-rounder?
    Hi Pete I have been annoyed with that 3-4 defense the packers use. How long is it going to take to scrap that notion and get back to a normal 4-3. We don't have the talent to run that d if you think otherwise then where has this defense been for the last 6 years? it doesn't work or make sense to keep trying the same old idea with no new results. I thought when Capers left we had a chance to beef up and explode off the line but as long as coach M is in the house we are doomed whats your thoughts Pete
    I still think it's a lot less the specific scheme than how good the coach is running it, and how good the players are. With the way the league is now, everybody's running 4-3 most of the time anyway, because nickel is essentially a 4-3 (two inside rushers, two outside, two inside linebackers and 5 DBs).
    Pete, thanks for the insight. If memory serves me McCarthy is 9-3 after the bye week. 2 of those loses coming against undefeated teams & 1 coming last year against the Lions with Hundley at the helm. Can MM & AR whip up some magic with the week off or is this asking too much with this team against the seemingly unbeatable Rams?
    Nobody's unbeatable, we saw that in '07 when the Patriots lost the SB. They definitely have an edge with the extra prep time and week off to get healthy. The Rams eventually are going to play a bad game against somebody. Will it be this week? I don't know. The Rams have more than their share of difference makers and good players. It will take a lot to beat them. But is it asking too much? Not from a team with Aaron Rodgers.
    A couple IR questions, Pete: If players on IR can't practice with the team, how are they evaluated regarding their ability to return? More specifically, if the Packers are deciding who they might move to the active roster, Trevor Davis or Jake Kumerow, is everything based on updated medical reports and past performance with no opportunity to test them in a current team environment? Do IR players attend team meetings and watch practice?
    Players on IR can watch practice as far as I know, and they can attend meetings. But yeah, the determination for whether they can return is done mostly by the medical and strength/conditioning staffs. They can work them out on their own and tell quite a bit from that. But you're right, they can't test them in a team environment. They work with these guys all the time, though, so they can tell a fair amount from individual work.
    Like most fans, I hate seeing Rodgers getting hammered on a regular basis. But my question is this, is he as much at fault as his line. Granted, there are always going to be blocking breakdowns, and it is a given that Aaron holds the ball too long looking for the big strike when chain moving options are available. But my concern is his propensity to run the play clock down to just shy of zero before calling for the ball. Especially when in shotgun, this takes the onus off the d line to watch the ball for the snap. They can just tee off, not worry about a hard count, they know when the snap is coming. Doesn't this put an O line in a terrible position protection wise?
    The play clock might help the D get off the snap if it gets down far enough, I'm sure some guys use that, though I don't know how difficult it is to watch the clock but also the ball in case the ball is snapped with 1 or 2 seconds left as opposed to going to zero. I guess that's the potential downside to taking the clock down. The upside is, the defense can't wait forever to get out of its coverage disguises, so taking the clock down helps reveal what they're really doing. I'd say it's more of what you alluded to earlier in the question, he just has to get the ball out.
    Hi Pete thanks for taking my question. If Oakland is having a garage sale what about trying to get Cook back?
    Interesting thought, but you'd have to be careful about what you give up. He's 31. They've signed old TEs the last two years. Bennett bombed. Graham is still a good athlete and player, but he's lost speed. Cook could decline at any time. So I don't know that I'd give up a lot for him. A fourth-rounder? A fifth?
    Hi Pete— rather than trading for the badly needed pass rush help or an impact safety, what about a white flag trade of HH Clinton Dix or Randall Cobb to stockpile a draft pick with guys you know you’re not re-signing? I realize Cobb May have little value and too big a salary at this point but do you get my drift?
    I get your drift, but I doubt they could get anything worthwhile in return. Cobb is in the last year of his contract, so a team would be getting him for only half a season. If the Packers are down on Clinton-Dix, is there reason to think anybody else would give up good value to get him?
    Kyle Shannan was able to devise a run game not seen since Kapernick(spelling?) devoured the Capers packers in the Championship game. With this new version on film,how will Mike P contour the Rams Todd Gurley? (besides the offense rolling up a big lead)
    Jimmy Mc in Eau Claire,wi
    I have to say, watching the Red Zone on Sunday, those two RBs for SF are pretty good, they really are fast and quick. The Packers' run D had been pretty decent for the most part until that last game. That said, Gurley probably is the best back in the league, so Pettine has his hands full, because the Rams also have some playmaking talent at WR. That's why they're unbeaten, they are really, really tough to defend. Pettine probably will have to use run stoppers on the DL (three defensive lineman) in his nickel defense on a lot of downs, which will hurt the pass rush but give him a better shot at slowing down the run.
    Pete, thanks for your packers coverage which is excellent. So far, what do u think of the added layer of o & d coaches, the passing & run coordinators? Do they add something to the d & o? Or do some of them just gum up the system? Do you hear anything about that so far?
    I haven't heard much about it. The results on the field have been so-so -- they're 3-2-1 and have not looked like a particularly good team for the most part. To be fair, they're putting in a new defense, so that takes time. Let's see how they do in the second half of the season. The offense has been only OK, but one of the big questions I have is, to what degree is that because Rodgers hasn't been the same because of the injury and lack of practice? I don't have anything like a definitive answer for you on that. But no, I haven't heard much one way or the other whether the changing of duties has had much effect. It sure doesn't feel like the offense has changed much as far as approach and all that goes, at least not from the outside looking in.
    Can you point to something innovate or creative that Mike McCarthy has done in the last several years in terms of play design or play calling? I just don't see the downside in moving on from him after this season. I know what Aaron Rodgers brings to the table. I have no idea what Mike McCarthy brings to the table.
    That short touchdown pass last week to Montgomery where they used that diamond formation wide to the left and had three guys lined up in front of him as blockers, that looked new and innovative. Agreed they could use more of that.
    Hi Pete, not much hope in the Packers defense slowing down this Rams offense so GB's best hope Sunday seems to be a shoot-out? Where is the Rams defense vulnerable (if anywhere?) Pre-season the only question seemed to be their linebackers.
    Minnesota put up I think it was 31 points on them, so it's not like there's is a great D. But they do have a pass rush, especially with Aaron Donald, he's probably the best D player in the league. You kind of laid it out, though, the Packers probably will need to do it by scoring a lot early, getting ahead or at least keeping up, so that if the D can force a couple FGs instead of giving up TDs,
    Are Nick Perry or Clay Mathews on this team next year? While Clay isn't as impactful as he used to be, he still has gotten to the QB far more than Perry has this year. He'd be at 3.5 sacks if you include the bogus roughing the passer calls - but he is definitely showing his age.
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