Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

Thursday, May 3 transcript

    I'd think so. I guess if I had to bet, I'd bet on Kizer to beat him out for the No. 2 job, but that's not a given. The Packers didn't draft a developmental QB for the No. 3. I still wouldn't think they'd keep both, but I guess you can't rule it out.
    Pete,how long did it take you to check on the Saints schedule when you heard about the trade ? It took me all of 10 seconds. They have a tough season ahead
    They're also a really good team that has an elite QB and had a fantastic draft last year. If Davenport helps them as a rookie they could go far.
    Pete, I was having lively discussion about the value of the QB with a friend during the draft. It seems like there is a case to be made to make a SB run while a QB is under their rookie contract vs signing a vet to these high-dollar contracts (of which more is getting guaranteed). More money to invest elsewhere. Do you think that will become more of the norm, and these record-setting QB deals could be curtailed?
    That is the ideal scenario, but that window is only for a couple years, and it doesn't work unless that QB is really good early in his career. I guess you'd argue that the extra money allowed the Eagles to sign Foles, and he won the Super Bowl. But I'd guess that in five years this SB win is going to look like an anomaly or Foles is going to end up being better than most of us knew. The Rams are kind of going for it, but that only has a chance of working because Goff is starting to play better (and I still wonder how much Gurley has to do with his success). But look at all the teams that have young QBs that aren't doing anything, teams like Tampa Bay. That young QB has to perform well early for that to generally have a chance to work. And finding guys like that is hard, because those are the guys that end up being top players and get the huge contracts. No, those contracts for the top QBs are going to keep rising, because those guys give you the best chance to win week in and week out, season in and season out.
    I have no problem with drafting a punter. I believe another punter was drafted after the Packers pick. The Packers need a big hang time punter due to losing some gunners(Janis). And why not grab a snapper with a very low draft choice? That is a critical position and if he is the guy, why not draft him?
    That's how the Packers see it. I still don't think I'd ever draft a long-snapper, I'd rather take a flier on an every-down position. But to some degree, we're kind of splitting hairs because it is a seventh-round pick.
    With how many picks have been invested in the DB group over the last few years, and veteran signings, should we expect some ROI finally? Could this end up being one of the best units in the league?
    They definitely need some return on the investments, because the Rollins-Randall draft is killing them right now and has left the CB position thin and put them in position to use the first two picks at that position for the second time in four years. They've got a ways to go to be one of the best CB units in the league.
    I think the biggest unknown for the roster is the right side of the OL. 1. What is the status of Bulaga and do you think he will start at some point this year. 2. Who do you think will start at RG. 3. Status of Spriggs and Murphy? 4. Finally, do you think Kofi Amichia will progress or does he look to be a bust?
    Bulaga had ACL surgery in early-mid November. It's about 10 months from then to the opener. Bulaga may or may not even be ready to practice full time at 10 months. There's a good chance he'll be on PUP when camp starts, and if he's still on it at final cuts, which is a real possibility, then he has to miss about half the season. Now maybe he'll come in faster than that, but if I had to bet, I'd probably bet he'll miss the first half of the season. I guess if I were betting now, I'd bet on Murphy to start at RT and the draft pick Madison at RG. We'll get a chance to see if there's an update on Murphy (foot) and Spriggs (dislocated kneecap) at OTAs in a few weeks, if either is participating in practice. No idea on Amichia, we really don't get any feel for that until training camp.
    When can Rodgers start throwing with the rookie WRs and Graham?
    The Packers already are in their offseason program -- it started April 16. I'm not positive on the details, but I think the first three weeks is strength and conditioning only, then there's two or three weeks of individual position work. I can't say for sure whether or not Rodgers can throw to those guys during the IPWs. then starting May 21 they have three weeks of non-padded practice, I think 10 practices total if I remember right.
    Is Kizer seen strictly as a backup, or is there any chance the Packers see Kizer as a possible long-term starter after Rodgers is done? I hear they loved Kizer coming out of college. Sure, Rodgers wants to play 5 years more, but given injuries and the rest, it's no guarantee. Rodgers is about the same age as Favre was when Rodgers was drafted.
    Sounds like they did like him a lot coming out. He has a cannon arm, really good mobility for a big guy (230 pounds). But he went 4-8 in his last year at Notre Dame and 0-14 or whatever it was in his starts with Cleveland last year. The Browns clearly did not see him as a starting QB for the present or future. So I'd think the odds on him being Rodgers' successor are slim. I mean, you never know, but I'm highly, highly skeptical.
    The NFL is going towards eliminating the kickoff. Only real problem is the onside kick element. I understand onside kick recovery rate for the kicking team to be in the 10-12% range year/year. Is allowing a team a 4th and 10 style play from the current kickoff point a 10-12% success rate play? Maybe a 4th and 15 play? This potentially eliminates the kickoff and saves the late in the game onside kick element. I guess you still lose the surprise onside kick play- but nothing would stop a team from trying this play at any point in the game
    I'm guessing they'd go fourth and 15, not fourth and 10. Ten yards seems a little too easy for that situation. I wonder if they're going to all but eliminate the KO rule without eliminating it. Maybe move the kick up even five yards further and then allow the receiving to fair catch the ball and get it at the 25 if the catch is inside the 25 to protect against the short hang-time kickoffs (is college football going to that latter rule this year? I think it might be). That way most kickoffs would lead to starting at the 25, but the onsides kick is still in play. I'm just kind of spit balling here, but that was one of my first thoughts when I read about the changes they're considering making on the KO at the next owners meetings -- no running start at all for the cover guys, no two-man wedges. I wonder if they'll just keep tweaking the rules until most KOs aren't returned. Just a thought. That stat in the kickoff stories yesterday was eye-popping, I think it was the chances for a player getting a concussion are five times greater on kickoffs than other plays.
    I've got a question concerning not addressing the pass rush the last two year. My oldest son is extremely upset that we traded down last year passing on TJ Watt and then against this year passing on Marcus Davenport. I myself was disappointed that Tremaine Edmunds was sitting there and we passed on him too. I am very happy to get New Orleans 1st Round pick next year so I want to know is there a OLB/EDGE rusher next year better than anyone we could have gotten this year or better than Watt that we can grab with two R1 picks in 2019? Also how does Vince Biegel compare to TJ Watt last year? Could Biegel be an answer and give the Packers 8 - 10 sacks?
    Really hard to know on Biegel. He revealed this offseason that last spring he had surgery on both feet (not just one, as we all thought). So he missed a lot of work from May through whenever he returned -- I think it was in October or early November. So maybe he'll make a big jump. I can't say he flashed much as a rusher last season, but it's hard to know how much the surgeries and recovery time took from him. So I can't give you a good answer on that. We really won't be able to tell much until camp.
    Hi Pete I thought I heard that Gates from the Chargers was recently released any guess here
    He turns 38 in June, that's getting way up there for the NFL. I'm thinking the Packers won't be interested.
    Would the Packers consider trading Josh Jones and one of their 1st round picks to SEA for Earl Thomas? I see the upside in Jones, but Thomas is a proven player. In win now mode, I would do the trade and get a bonafide super star player.
    Thomas turns 29 this week. He's an outstanding player but might have only one or maybe two really good years left. So you have to decide if that's worth a first-round pick. That's a lot. Because of his age and that bad leg injury he had two years ago I'd have trouble giving up a first-rounder for him. A second? Maybe. First seems too rich.
    In your previous response:

    "McCarthy has said this offseason that Montgomery is a running back."

    This train of thought is going to get McCarthy fired, sooner than later.

    He's at that point in his tenure where he thinks his beliefs are reality.

    The "reality" is that Montgomery is not, nor ever will be, a running back.
    I tend to agree on Montgomery, that's he's a WR, not RB, I don't mean on the fired part. He can do real running back stuff, but he's not a real running back. That was clear after we saw the rookie RBs last year, they were real running backs. We do have to take what coaches and GMs say with a grain of salt, sometimes they're telling the truth, sometimes not. So we'll have to see how they use Montgomery. But if I were them I'd have moved him back to slot receiver.
    By midseason the DB could be HHCD, Jones, King, Alexander, and Jackson with good depth. The DL looks very strong with good depth. The LBs look good if they stay healthy although depth is still a question. Do you think Pettine can continue his string of top 10 defenses with the current roster?
    Good question, and I'm not sure. Injuries will hit, they always do, so that will test the depth. And there will be mistakes if the rookie CBs play a lot. Burks probably will have to contribute in the nickel to help the pass defense, because otherwise the Packers probably will be vulnerable at ILB. I'm curious to see how Pettine uses Jones. The talent should be better on D this year, that's for sure. Wilkerson, the rookie CBs, Jones going into his second year, Clark ascending, those should all be upgrades, Williams to help some at CB as long as he has some gas in the tank. Don't know if that will be enough to get them in the top 10 then. I still wonder about the pass rush. Counting on Perry and Matthews to stay healthy all season is asking for something that hasn't happened often. If either gets hurt, someone is going to have to come out of the woodwork.
    Do you think they took St. Brown at WR because of his chemistry with Kizer at Notre Dame. From what I have read Brown's play at Notre Dame suffered after Kizer left. Would you think that Rodgers like Favre before him would elevate the play of any receiver they throw to? Thanks for the chat. First time participate.
    Without knowing for sure, I'd seriously doubt the Kizer chemistry mattered. Maybe it told them that with a better QB  he'd do better, and Rodgers is as good as it gets. Yes, Rodgers indisputably elevates the level of his receivers' play. I'm interested to find out what the thinks about having all these tall receivers once he gets to throw to them some on the practice field.
    Do you think Jaire Alexander will be used as a slot corner his rookie year? Also, as a punt returner? His highlights returning punts are pretty exciting.
    I'm guessing he'll be in the slot, that's usually where shorter CBs play, change of direction is especially important there because everything is a two-way go for slot receivers. But I don't know for sure. Teams like outside corners with speed to cover the deep routes, and Alexander is the Packers' fastest CB. There's always the chance they'd play Alexander outside and Williams in the slot because of concerns that at 35 Williams can't run as well as he used to and can cover better in short-area quickness stuff. Still, I'd bet they'll play in the slot. Rookie minicamp practice Friday is open, so we'll see where he lines up there, though where lines up at the OTAs with the full team there will be more telling.
    I saw that Shane Ray did not have his fifth year option picked up by the Broncos. Since they have several excellent pass rushers including now Chubb, why not offer them a 4th round pick in 2019 as a trade right now?
    Those talks could be going on as we speak. I guess my question is, if you're Denver would you take a fourth? I don't know a lot about Ray but I doubt I would. Even though they drafted Chubb, they might need him this year. Injuries are common in this league, and you can't have too many pass rushers. Just because they're not willing to pay Ray $9.2M in 2019 doesn't mean they think he can't play. But I have to think trading for him is something the Packers are looking into. They need to upgrade their rushing talent.any way they can.
    DL looks strong with the addition of Wilkerson. What does the starting base look like? Who do the subs rotate in for (DE vs DT)?
    OK, time's up, but thanks everyone for dropping by, many great questions as always, sorry I couldn't get to all or even most of them. The base, assuming Pettine still is a 3-4 base, I'm guessing will be Clark at nose, and Daniels at the 3 and Wilkerson at the 5. In the nickel it and dime it will be any two of those three as the inside rushers -- they're all good pass rushers. The outside rushers will be the guys who did that last year -- Matthews, Perry, Fackrell, Biegel, Gilbert, or who knows, maybe someone who's not now on the team. So that does it, keep checking back to for news and stories from rookie minicamp this weekend. Until next time, take care everyone.
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