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Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

With change swirling around the Green Bay Packers, Pete answered some of the many questions in a Tuesday afternoon chat.

    If I can sum up the issues on Defense for the past few years, I would use the word confusion. Could also be attributed to being so young there, but there were times when you'd see hands going up because no one was certain about their assignments. Any word on the coaches who we're looking at for being known for simplifying? With King coming back truly healthy, a couple of pass rushers, and continued growth from Randall, Clark, Martinez and hopefully Jones, I don't think the Defense is too far off from being better than average. Thoughts?
    I've basically answered the first part of the question earlier when talking about Bradley's simpler system. As to your last point, it probably isn't far off from being decent. Look what one great draft pick, Lattimore, did for New Orleans' defense this year.
    Isn't Murphy putting his neck on the line ? Seems odd to do something he didn't need to do.
    Yes, he's definitely putting his neck on the line. He's basically the head of football now.
    Hey Pete,....reporting on this whole GM thing has to be like feeling your way around a dark room. I would have been ok with Wolf or Gutekunst, but of course, I have zero reference point on either. Yes, their resumes and the Wolf name, but not much else. Has anyone reported even one example of a particular drafted or acquired player that could be credited or blamed on either of them? At least with players you can watch or check their stats, with second level scouts and pro personnel guys, all we know is the nice things people say about them.
    No, I haven't heard of any key acquisition either was responsible for, in part because in the end draft picks were Ted Thompson's call, and he never gave any indication whether a scout's input factored into his decision. Murphy did say that he asked Gutekunst to provide him with his pre-draft reports of several Packers draft picks from the past few years, and he found them to insightful and accurate. I'd assume he did the same with Wolf but since Wolf didn't get the job he didn't talk about it. This is one of the reasons why you never know how someone's going to do in the GM job until he sits in that chair.

    If your a defense coordinator what assurances you want from the packers

    Do they think McCarthy is a lame duck
    McCarthy got the contract extension in the offseason so he has two years left on his deal. But there's still a lame-duck feel, like he needs a really, really good season or his job could be in jeopardy. On the other hand, coming to a team with Aaron Rodgers has to be really attractive, because you know you have a great shot at winning. So if you're a DC and you come here and the defense improves a lot, then even if McCarthy is let go you'd still have a good chance of staying on with a new coach (or maybe even have a shot at the top job yourself). I'm guessing if it's one of those established guys they might push for a three-year contract.
    Pete, is Ted Thompson now basically a scout with a big title?
    So if Gutekunst does not have final say over all football operations (i.e., he can't fire/hire coaches) does that mean another team can poach him? That is, giving him the traditional GM responsibilities would be a promotion?
    That anti-tampering policy is worded a little ambiguously, but from what I can tell, no. You don't need total control to be considered a true GM. Schneider doesn't have total control -- he doesn't even control the final 53 -- but it sounds like the league determined he fits the definition of true GM. Gutekunst has total control of the roster and player acquisition, so I'm pretty that makes him a true GM in the league's eyes.
    Isn't right tackle more of a luxury considering we have 3 potential pieces there in Buluga, Murphy, and Spriggs?
    Not if they decide not to bring back Bulaga and have determined that Spriggs isn't good enough, and at least have question whether Murphy is good enough.
    Hi Pete, thanks for the chat. I remember Wolf at the podium after the selection of Hundley. Do you get any sense that Wolf scouted & recommend Hundley & if so, could that have been a detrimental to his interview?
    I don't know if they brought Wolf down for that press conference because he was high on the player or because Thompson was giving different underlings a chance at the podium and that happened to be Wolf's turn. You very well could be right that Wolf was high on him. But I don't know that.
    If we hire a new defensive coordinator from outside of the organization, wouldn't he want to bring some of his position coaches with him? If so, then is it possible that some of our defensive position coaches will get fired?
    Yes. They've already fired Trgovac and McCurley. Perry, Whitt and Moss are still under contract but I'd think the new DC would have a say in whether they're kept.
    Thanks for the opportunity to chat. I always appreciate your insight and opinions. Having said that, how could you and the other Packer insiders been so wrong about the GM hire. Everyone was sure it was going to be Ball. Also, why is it that the national media types always get breaking news before the local beat writers?
    Good questions. First, I think Murphy plays things really close to the vest, so there was going to be a lot of guesswork in what he was going to do. What I don't know right now but hope to find out is whether he was strongly leaning toward Ball and something changed his mind in the past few days, or whether a lot of people in and around the organization assumed it was going to be Ball because they spent so much time together the last few years. Ball had more contact with Murphy than anybody on the football side of the organization. At home games the Packers have a couple team boxes. One is small, and from what I hear Murphy, Thompson and Ball sat there. The rest of the scouts sat in a different box. Ball was involved in everything football, had taken on so many duties that in many ways he was running the football department already. So my suspicion is that people with and around the team put all that together and assumed it was going to be him. But it also could be Murphy changed his mind through the interview process. As for the second part of your question, local beat writers rarely break these big stories anymore because agents and executives with teams leak these things to their favorite national reporter. They do it mostly to curry favor with potentially influential national voices.
    Hi Pete,
    I like the Gutekunst hiring. He actually seems to have some personality especially when you compare it to Thompson and Murphy. Can you see him addressing the media a lot more than Thompson in the future and giving more straight forward answers to personnel decisions instead of "I’m not talking about people that don’t play for us anymore," as Thompson did regarding Sitton.
    OK, this will have to do it, other duties to get to. But so much to talk about, thanks for stopping by and sharing your questions and comments. We'll do it again next week, maybe even later this week if developments warrant it. As to your question, it definitely sounds like Gutekunst is going to be more of a public face of the franchise and be more available to explain decisions to you via the media. Thompson definitely was derelict there, his greatest weakness. It was his call, he was the GM, but I and many others think the GM here has an even greater obligation than elsewhere to explain decisions because of the public ownership structure of the team. Gutekunst in fact directly spoke of that obligation in his press conference, and everything I've heard from the team suggests he will be much more available as long as its not to the detriment of doing the rest of his job. So yes, it sounds like he's going to talk after final cuts, for instance, and reveal at least something of his thinking on those Sitton kind of moves. I'm sure McCarthy will be happy to not have to be the one to face the fire all the time. Thanks again everyone, great chatting with you. We'll talk again soon. Therese are especially interesting days around the Packers, and we'll keep informed at, keep checking back for updates. Take care.
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