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Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

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    When picking at 30, the grades of the best players available very well might not be very different from each other, so then it comes down to need. All things being about equal, go with one of the needs. I wouldn't completely rule out many positions for their first pick, but if you're laying odds right now, WR and ILB would have to be at the top, especially because there are so many good WR prospects. That could cut both ways, because they might think they could trade back or even wait until R2 to draft a WR. On the other hand, though there are all these good prospects, they might especially like one of them who will be available at 30, in which case you have to think they'd take him.
    So the Packers were not one of the teams talking with Greg Olson. It appears he is clearly better at this time than Graham, right? What is the amount of "dead money" if Graham is released?
    I find it hard to believe they considered Olsen for more even a nanosecond. He turns 35 in March and had a broken foot that cost him a lot of games in 2017 and '18. Especially after their experience with the aging Graham (and Martellus Bennett before him), I just don't see how they could have even considered signing Olsen. I wouldn't have, put it that way. The dead money if they cut Graham is $3.6M, but that's not the number to worry about, that counts against the cap either way. They'd save $8M by cutting him, that's the important number.
    Thanks for the chat Pete. Looking back at MVS's year, he made some big plays against Denver, Detroit and Oakland, but then his targets dried up. He's got speed and size. Why the drop-off? Is it a route-running issue, a disconnect with A-Rod? Can this guy be saved?
    He has to rank as the biggest disappointment of the Packers' season. It wasn't just his targets that dried up, it was his playing time. By the playoffs he was playing single-digit snaps per game. Seems like it was a route/assignment/audible thing, he just wasn't attuned to the nuances of the position as he needed to be. I don't know if he's a lost cause or not. Pretty much make or break for him this year.
    Hay Pete, could you seeing the Packers taking Jalen Hurts in the mid to late rounds if he were there? Sort of a Taysom Hill type option to sub in for snaps during a game?
    I wonder too. The only thing that would concern me is his accuracy, I read in a scouting report last week that his accuracy is shaky at times. That's a killer in the NFL, of all the physical traits QBs must have to succeed in the NFL, it seems like accuracy is probably No. 1. But I don't know how extensive Hurt's accuracy issues are, so maybe they're not a dealbreaker. Have to think the Packers are giving him a hard look, just like all the QBs.
    Hi Pete, do think Gutekunst keeps guys like Graham & Taylor this year to save face for signing them to their inflated contracts?
    I just don't see any way he keeps Graham, it just wouldn't make any sense. Even at a big pay cut I don't think I would. I'm guessing Taylor gets cut, too, but if they lose Bulaga there's always the chance they'd keep Taylor and move Jenkins or Turner to RT. Last year they waited until early March to cut Perry even though it was given all offseason they were going to cut him.
    Hi Pete. You're the GM. Are you keeping Bulaga and at what price????
    I'm thinking about $7M a year. No idea if that will be enough to keep him, very hard to get a read on what his value will be on the open market. He plays a tough position (T), had a very good year and stayed healthy (missed one start). But he'll be 31 next month and has a long injury history. Wouldn't at all be surprised if somebody paid him closer to $10M.
    Hi Pete, I see teams are starting to skip the NFL Combine, they can stay home and watch players run around on TV instead. What's your take on how beneficial (or not) the Combine is to teams?
    From what I read, the couple teams that are keeping coaches home are doing it mainly so they can spend more time watching draft prospects' game video, that's more important than what the players do in the Underwear Olympics. The combine's biggest value is the medical -- every player gets a thorough run down, MRIs etc. The position drills I'm sure count for something, and the physical testing raises red flags (for poor performance) and awareness (for great performances) to go back and look at game video to see if the testing reveals something missed in initial scouting of the guy. The combine testing also allows for accurate historical comparisons in the 40 -- the surface and timing are the same for everybody going back years and years.
    Do you think the Packers first priority should actually be a big run stuffer on the defensive line. We are whistling past the graveyard if we ignore how weak our defensive line itself is in reality. Maybe ee we win a game or two in week 6 or 8, but who cares if the reality is your going to get steamrolled by a tough offense in the playoff's. Green Bays defense was and is a statistical mirage right now.
    I'd agree it's a priority, but I do think that's a position they can fill in free agency without having to spend a high pick. There's got to be a Howard Green-type guy out there who can help them, right? You can never rule out DL as a first-round pick because of the value of big guys. If another Kenny Clark is there in R1, by all means take him. But short of that they should be able to sign a solid run stopper. Agreed, they definitely need one.
    Hi Pete. I just wish a coach would let a QB call the plays...maybe in a exhibition game. Do you think it would be to much for a QB to call plays in todays NFL ?
    Peyton Manning basically was his own play caller.
    Hi Pete, do you see any chance of resigning Martínez for his field generalship and adding an ILB to compliment him? I suspect he’s done in GB, but I’m not the GM.
    OK, this will have to do it, time for other duties. But thanks to everyone for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and observations. Too many questions to get to them all but we'll be doing this every week so try again next time. We're in a little bit a lull here before free agency starts, so if I missed you this time there's a good chance I'll get to it next week. As for Martinez, in my mind they need to move on and force themselves to get better there, or to at least try hard to. He is a smart, experienced player and really durable, but he's just not dynamic enough to be the No. 1 ILB. Somebody is probably going to pay him at least $5M per year -- I've had an agent and personnel guy in the league suggest it will be more than that -- but the Packers just need to get more dynamic in there and can put the money to better use. At his season-ending press conference, Gutekunst sure hinted that they were moving on, said something to the effect of, Martinez is going to be a free agent and they have some work to do at that position, didn't say anything about re-signing him. And with that, we'll call it a wrap. Thanks again everybody, and thanks especially to our subscribers, you foot a lot of the bill that makes our thorough coverage of this team possible. If you don't subscribe, you can get all our coverage with the Packers News app for $4.99 a month, it's a great deal with free agency and the draft coming up. Until next week, take everybody!
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