As I've said on here before, I'd cut Graham, Perry...


Packers chat with Pete Dougherty

  • As I've said on here before, I'd cut Graham, Perry and Bulaga. I get your point about being thin on the OL, but I'm not convinced Bulaga's body is going to hold up for a season, he's had a back issue now to go with the previous serious knee and hip injuries he's had. He was a good player for them but his body is just breaking down, so I think the money could be better spent. I don't know what the Packers are thinking. Perry looks like a no-brainer to cut, he just can't stay healthy at all. I don't know if they'll ask Graham to take a pay cut, or whether he would, but how can they justify paying him $9M in salary and bonuses next season? He's just not dynamic enough. I'd move on and start over at that position if I were them. If they cut Graham they save $5.3M on the cap, and if they cut Bulaga they gain $6.6M on the cap. Yes, there's dead money also, but so what if they save cap money? Don't throw good money after bad. My guess is they'll cut Graham but that's just a guess and I'd think will depend in part on what LaFleur thinks.
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